Game description

Obama is trapped inside a dangerous and strange place.


Hero: Obama

Villains: Minotaur, a zombie dog, crocodile, an ogre, 2 Fred's, Pigsaw

Others: An apache, Pigsaw doll, an elder


  • In the beggining, Obama was zapped from his room to a strange room.
  • The bowling ball came from behind the tree when Obama went on the other side of the river.
  • The crocodile that was in the lake was the same as in one of Obama's game.
  • Obama had to play a video game with 2 characters: Spongebob and Bart.
  • In the end room, Pigsaw appeared on the TV as Obama knew it was him. As Obama asked why, Pigsaw told him that he will play with Marge Simson, but the fans wanted to play a mini escape for the short time.
  • Pigsaw said, that after Marge Simpson, he has a new game for Obama.
Obama Crazy Escape Walkthrough

Obama Crazy Escape Walkthrough

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