Game description

Obama has to stop Rasputin, before he opens a portal.


Hero: Obama 

Villains: A monkey, an meat-eating plant, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Rasputin

Others: Peter Griffin, Dr. Trevor Broom, Abe Sapiens, dragon, Ivan Klimentovich (dead man in the grave), Hellboy, Liz.


  • There were all of the characters from Hellboy.
  • Obama had to spoke a spell that the stone dragon would relive.
  • In the book there were signs from Hitler as in the place, there was a sign as a picture.
  • There were some figures that were in the last games: egiptian cat, cat, etc.
Obama Hellboy - Walkthrough - Inkagames12:45

Obama Hellboy - Walkthrough - Inkagames

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Obama in the Dark 2
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Tommy Sewer Escape

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