Game description

Obama has to stop Pirince Nauda, who wants to concer the human race with his Golden Army.


Hero: Obama

Villains: A big plant, a big goblin with a iron hand, Prince Nauda

Others: A kid, an old lady, 3 sale men, a bouncer, Abraham - Abe, a salesman, a guard, a goblin, death, Johnaton Krauss


  • In the beggining Hellboy had his leg tied and told Obama about the Golden Army and Nauda.
  • The places in the house are the same as in the first game.
  • There was a boy named Jose - in the museum, that won the Inka contest.
  • The old lady was in fact FraggleWump.
  • In the end all of the good characters came to Hellboy's house.
Obama Hellboy 2 Walkthrough, Adventure by Inka Games13:44

Obama Hellboy 2 Walkthrough, Adventure by Inka Games

Link of the gamer: Tricera Gamez 
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