Game description

Obama has to save Inka Team from Pigsaw's claws.


Hero: Obama

Victims: Inka Team

Villains: Bigfoot, Meduza, Pigsaw


  • At first Obama came into the Inka Team workshop, where he didn't saw anyone, after he saw Pigsaw and heared his message.
  • Obama had to remember which lock to knock at first, with the help of the small blue friend.
  • Obama had to push colored buttons and repeat it many times as the cyrcle showed him.
  • He had to grab the colored pieces on a way, so that the doors could open.
  • He had to move the pieces into (some) the right holes.
  • Obama had to paint Pigface as he saw him in the previous room.
  • The Inka Team were all in statue in Meduza's room.
  • In the last room, Pigsaw said that they can go, but in 30 seconds there will be highly mortal gas.
  • In the last act, Inka Team anouces some new games as Pigsaw asked, what kind of famous person should he add in the game.
Obama Inkagames Rescue Walkthrough08:37

Obama Inkagames Rescue Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: BestOnlineEscapeGames 
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