Game description

Obama is locked inside his office and has find a way to get out.


Hero: Obama

Villains: Skull, an eye on the wall


  • In Obama's room there were lasers on the windows.
  • Obama had a picture of Lucas, from the Inka games Team.
  • Obama had to move the books, that were on the shelfs, for a correct code.
  • In the basement (the second room) it was the same room as the Garden - in Obama in the Dark.
  • There were some puzzles to be solved (sun. lighting, clouds, moon, radioactive).
  • There was the same 'machine' (plug in the wiers) as in Spark's Maze Escape.
  • In the end, Obama came out from the outside of his house.
Inkagames - Obama Office Escape Walkthrough Full In English03:36

Inkagames - Obama Office Escape Walkthrough Full In English

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