Obama vs. Pigsaw is a game by Inkagames. In it, the player controls Obama, who has to rescue his family, which was kidnapped by Pigsaw.

Game description

Obama has to free his family from the evil pupet.


Hero: Barack Obama

Victims: Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama

Villains: Pigsaw, Cyborg - Terminator

Others: Pigsaw Dummy


  • This is the first Saw Game ever made.
  • The letter, Obama found and read was sign from Bush.
  • There is a secret entry in the presidental office.
  • Pigsaw - as he said - planted a very poison (mortal) gas in the room, that will switch on in 15 minutes.
  • In this game, Pigsaw's jaws were going up and down as he speaks and could hear his voice.
  • This game contains some help materials called: I need help - if a player doesn't know what to do then. It gives the player a small hint. The player can have 3 hints, but after it is reloaded.
  • The title: Obama vs. Pigsaw was renamed into: Obama Saw Game in most websites.
  • The appearance of Obama's family in this game are different from the following games.
Obama vs Pigsaw Walkthrough

Obama vs Pigsaw Walkthrough

Link of the creator of the video: Dafawfulizer

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