Game description

Someone has kiddnap Obama's family, he has to rescue them and deafeat the zombies.


Hero: Obama

Victims: Obama's family

Villains: Albert Wesker, zombie, 3 zombies, a zombie dog, Nemesis, a tall monster, an mutant, a tyrant

Others: A guy dressed as a zombie (Marilyn Manson), a merchand (in the garbage)


  • In the beginning the Tv started to switch on and in it there was a new face (not Pigsaw) Albert Wesker.
  • There is a elevator, that can be only use with the hands of the zombies. It acts for some machine doors too.
  • The mutant (that was hanged on) on the elevator is the same one that was in Tommy Sewer Escape.
  • In the end Wesker transformed (his half of the body) into a battle arrmor and Obama had to defeat him. But Wesker said his transformation (as a octopus) is just the beggining of his next revival.
  • Wesker reappears in Pigsaw's Challenge still as an octopus.
Obama resident evil walkthrough10:52

Obama resident evil walkthrough

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