Game description

Pigsaw kiddnaped Obama, again, in order to play his game.


Hero: Obama

Villains: Skelleton, Minotaur 

Others: Skip, the mask, Ronald McDonald, a big guy, professor Frink, Bender


  • There was the dog (Skip) of the Mask.
  • Obama had to repeat (on the green cyrcle) Pigsaw's mouth in order that the doors would open.
  • In the second room, Obama had to click on the right Pigsaw's (where they were put in the right side).
  • Obama had to put the Stop sign, when he was on the red cube.
  • Ronald has the code for the doors, that Pigsaw told him and he was the same as he was in the past games.
  • Professor Frink is the same as in the previous games.
  • Obama had to step on a color from the rainbow, so that on the numbers (code) would be seen on the mirrors.
  • Obama had to make Bender walk on the right numbers.
  • Obama had to make just two codes for the doors and had to rotate the numbers in the square.
Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough Inkagames12:42

Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough Inkagames

Link of the gamer: Adelie Land Games  
Previous game:
Adventure Time Saw game
Next game:
Courage saw game

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