Obama in the Dark 4 is the 2017 Halloween Game.

Game description

Help Obama solve the mystery of a haunted cemetery!


Hero: Barack Obama

Villains: Mud monster, ghost, a goat, two snakes, Baphomet

Others: Scientist, a statue of a dead flute player, Josue Mambell, moths, four angel statues, a statue of a templar knight, scarecrow, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Donald Trump (mentioned).


  • Unlike the previous two games, the intro of this game is not tied with it's predecessor. Leaving unknown what happened between Obama in the Dark 3 and this game.
  • Inkagames confirmed on Facebook in August 30th 2017 that this game will be the 2017 Halloween Game
  • This game took a year to be developed.
  • This is the first Obama game released in post-Obama presidency.
    • In the trailer it was believed that it takes place before Trump Saw Game as Obama was still the president of the U.S. However in the released game, the U.S. Flag was removed from Obama's office suggesting that is no longer the Oval Office and the dialogues of the intro were rewritten (In the trailer the scientist called Obama Mr. President but in the released game he calls him Mr. Obama and Obama asks the scientist why not Trump? as by now he should take care about those problems which the scientist responds that they believe that Trump can't deal with that kind of problems).
  • The new Inka winner was Josue Mambell that was a white wizard from Venezuela, from the mystic mountains of Sorte.
  • When Obama was hit by the statue goat and the giant skeleton, he just shook his head and continued (there wasn't a game over after every beat).
  • In the end, Obama said that he has defeated evil forces before and something is telling him that he will keep doing it, revealing there will be more Obama games.
Obama In the Dark 4 FULL Walkthrough

Obama In the Dark 4 FULL Walkthrough

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