Game description

Obama has to find the missing pandas and to return them back where they bellong.


Hero: Barack Obama

Victims: The Panda Family

Villains: Aliens, Predators, Bush - as a bug (later) transformed.

Others: An old man - Mr. Miyagi, a famous hollywood actor - Tom Cruise, Lionel Messi, Rafa Nadal, MIB agents.


  • In this game there was seen Tom Cruise, Messi, Rafa Nadal and Bush.
  • The building that had the sign - MIB is actually: Men In Black (as from the movie).
  • In the Area 51, Obama found a Alien Space Craft.
  • The game had the title: Obama Aliens as the video has the title: Obama Versus Aliense.
  • This game is the very first one that invented Inkagames.
  • In the game, Obama could teleport himself with the help of the light blue world, that was floating always in the beginning.
Obama Versus Aliens Walkthrough

Obama Versus Aliens Walkthrough

Link of the creator of the video: Escape Gameplays
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