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An ogre is a legendary monster usually depicted as a large, hideous, manlike being that eats ordinary human beings, especially infants and children. Ogres frequently feature in mythology, folklore, and fiction throughout the world. They appear in many classic works of literature, and are most often associated in fairy tales and legend with a taste for infants.

In mythology, ogres are often depicted as inhumanly large and tall and having a disproportionately large head, abundant hair, unusually colored skin, a voracious appetite, and a strong body. Ogres are closely linked with giants and with human cannibals in mythology.

In the game

In Fernanfloo game, the ogre was sleeping when a pain in his foot starts he yells out of pain, when he get a pill in his mouth making him transform into Dross.

Fernan slides the small ramp, using a bit of oil under it, to the ogre's feet and rolls the bowling ball at the ramp, so that it fell on the ogre's left foot, and then shoots a pill from the slingshot directly in it's mouth. When the bowling ball hit the ogre's foot, the club disappears as he grabs it's left foot and yells out of pain. As when the pill got into the ogre's mouth, he transforms into Dross.



  • In Fernanfloo game, it was very big, light green skin with a large belly, muscely arms, a light brown fury cloth with one shoulder holder and a club in his right hand.
  • Fernan saw him as a troll.
  • Fernan had only 3 seconds to shoot the pill into the ogre's mouth.
  • In the room, there was a giant hot dog costume and a TMNT.

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