About him

The Other Father, created by Beldam, was used to try to help trick Coraline Jones into staying in the Other World. But it is revealed that he is actually on Coraline's side.

In the film, he appears identical to Coraline's real father.

In the game

In Coraline's adventurous game, he was seen in his work room, where he was sitting next to his piano, and when Coraline came inside the room, he played her a song by two machanical arms that played for him.

The second night, he was seen on a mechanical manthis, and was decorating the yard. He even let Coraline to hop on to it as they fly above the garden as Coraline could see her face.

At the third night, he was with Other Mother outside the house waiting Coraline as they went all in. There he and Other Mother presented Coraline with her own buttons. At the same night, he was then seen in his work room.

Other Father was then seen differenter, when he was walking behind Other Mother to Coraline. Later he was in the garden, on the mechanical manthis and wanting to grab Coraline.



  • In Coraline's game, he was seen equal as in the movie.
  • The song that he sang was the same as in the movie, he just didn't circulate around like in the movie.
  • His work room was very clean and tidy.
  • When Coraline came to her Other Father's work room, the hallway was dark; but when she came outside the room, the hallway was bright.
  • He was then in the dinning room with Other Mother.
  • After the circus for Coraline, he was seen with Other Mother and Other Wybie in Coraline's room wishing her goodnight.
  • When Coraline wanted to see Other Mother, he said that she is freshing up and gaining powers, as the mechanical hands pop out from the piano and one of it was put over his mouth as the second hand waved at him a finger. The hands came from the piano again, when Other Father mentioned a warning for Wybie.
  • Other Father had after his transformation, green hair, large belly, and was slick.
  • He was then dragged away from the room, by Other Mother.
  • When he splashed in to the water, he raised his left hand out from the hole with a black ball - as a car thing.