About him

The Other Mr. Bobinsky is the "other" version of Mr. Bobinsky in the real world. Like the real Mr. Bobinsky, he also owns a mouse circus. However, he is neater than the real one. He is the only other person to try to make Coraline stay in the movie.

The Other Mr. Bobinsky is the ringmaster of a circus of rats disguised as jumping mice, and he is almost identical to his Real World counterpart, except with less of a gut, buttons for eyes, and his mustache is much neater. He wears a navy blue ringmaster's suit complete with gold trimmings and his liquidator badge. Once the Other Mother transforms all the residents of her Other World, he is reduced to nothing but a suit filled with his performing rats and a voice that dissolves into many.

In the game

In Coraline's adventurous game he was seen in the second night, where he popped out from a round piramid.

In the second night, he was seen next to his little circus and somehow shaking. In the circus, he was waiting for Coraline to come in, as he was kneeling on some cheeses.



  • In Coraline's game, he was seen blue skinned and had a blue-grey outfit.
  • When he kneels down and wides his arms, his circus mice were going into his both sleeves, as the main mouse rolled up to his head, when Other Mr. Bobinsky covered it with his blue hat.
  • His face wasn't showed , because his hat was covering till his neck.
  • He put out from his sleeve a circus ball and asked Coraline, if this is what she is looking for.
  • When Coraline said, she won't stay in this world, he swoops himself into the circus.
  • After Coraline picks up Other Mr. Bobinsky's hat, she could see the rat's face. It was then shown that Bobinsky's body was filled with rats.