About him

The Other Wybie is the alternate version of Wybie Lovat.

Other Wybie resembles the original Wybie almost exactly, the sole exceptions being that he looks slightly cleaner and that he possesses matching black-buttons instead of eyes.

In the game

In Coraline's adventurous game he was seen in the second night, when he came to the dinning room, where the family was talking.

He and Coraline went to two shows together: Other Mr. Bobinsky's circus show and Other April Spink's and Other Miriam Forcible's opera- jump show.



  • In Coraline's game he was seen as in the movie.
  • He couldn't talk, only mimick, because Coraline didn't liked normal Wybie's talking.
  • He was in Coraline's bedroom with Other Mother and Other Father, as outside their house (when the family went indoors, the camera went on Other Wybie's face, so that the player would see that he is sad).
  • Wybie was playable, when he had to help Coraline get out from the magic mirror.
  • When Coraline wanted that Other Wybie goes with her to the normal world, he refused.
  • On Other Mr. Bobinsky's holder, Coraline could see Other Wybie's clothes hanged up.