Paris is in a very horrifying game, where she meets the most scary villains and has to escape them all.


Hero: Paris Hilton

Victims: Tinkerbell - pet

Villains: Pigsaw , Fredy Krueger, Jason Voorhees , Chucky , Samara Morgan , Witch , Mike Myers, Ghost .


  • The game was originally going to have an intro scene where Pigsaw (As an pig masked human) captured Paris. It's unknown why this scene was not included in the game
  • The game was set in Halloween.
  • The game's title is: Paris Hilton Scary Game.
  • Pigsaw was the FIRST time shown in Inkagames and was very different - shown as the Joker.
  • In this game, the players can have 3 help's - as like in one of the Obama's game.
Paris Hilton Scary Game Walkthrough05:25

Paris Hilton Scary Game Walkthrough

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Redhead Prison Escape
Next game:
RatFace Operation

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