About her

Patricia Jimenez (better known by his nickname Paty / Patty) is a minor character in the original series of El Chavo. It is the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood, and the lad is very fond of her, but Popis and Chilindrina and are jealous of her as they also want Chavo. She has brown hair which has two pigtails or one and takes several dresses, one blue, one cream and black skirt and always carried her teddy bear.

In the game

She was seen at the fountain, as Quico and Chavo were near the fountain, as Quico wanted a kiss from Paty, but unfortenately she couldn't speak because of her hiccups.

In the second part, she was still seen near the fountain when she got spooked by a skeleton that Chavo brought. By that, she gave him a kiss on his cheeks and 3 buckets to come him in handy.



  • The skeleton was from the doctor.
  • When Paty went to her home, Chavo was still standing there with a smile on his face when he suddenlly fell down on his back and hearts start popping above his head.
  • She was seen in the feast with the other characters.