Pigsaw has kidnapped Pepe Mujica and forcing him to play his evil game.


Hero: Pepe Mujica

Villains: A tiger, la llorona(the weeping woman), a shark, mutant vegetables and fruits (a mutant pear, a mutant tomato and a mutant banana), Godzilla, King Kong, Megatron, Sandman, the Alien, Predator, Pigsaw

Others: Kimba Chen


  • At the beggining, we saw Pigsaw dressed as a postman that delivered a letter to Pepe.
  • Pepe had to dance an old indian dance so that he would have water in the barrel.
  • In this game there is the first time, that the evil Sandman (from Spiderman) was in.
  • The Predator and the Alien were more bigger than in the past few games.
  • In a room, Pepe had to push the right numbers for the code, with the help of his mirror self. This part was very equal like in one of the Inka Team games.
  • In the game there was a nother new Inka Winner from the comic contest.
  • Megatron, in this game, was differenter than in the series - he was more white here.
Inkagames Pepe Saw Game Walkthrough09:58

Inkagames Pepe Saw Game Walkthrough

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