About him

Pinocchio, the name a variant of common pinolo ("pine seed"), is a fictional character in Disney. He was carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a village near Florence, he was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed of becoming a real boy. He lies often.

In the game

In Crazy Tale, Pinocchio was trapped in a cage, but when Obama saved him, he helped him getting across the other side.



  • In Crazy Tale, he was seen with an orange hat with a red feather, a long nose, dark blue T-shirt, red pants, white gloves and red shoes.
  • Pinocchio was trapped in a cage at the Candy Witches home.
  • When he was in the cage,he was sad, but when Obama freed him, he was happy.
  • Obama used the golden key to unlock the cage.
  • They both went to the two hills, that had a wrecked wooden bridge. But as Obama was asking Pinocchio some questions, Pinocchio lied and his nose was getting longer till it reached the other side.
  • Pinocchio was placed down, and was laying on the ground while his nose was pointed forward.
  • His T-shirt changed from dark blue to yellow color.
  • Obama could then walk on Pinocchio's nose and reach the other side.
  • The part of the Fairy Tale was from Pinocchio.