About it

Possessed things are the ones that are seen alive, but shouldn't be. They can be cursed or they could be with some magic.

In the game

In Cody's Crazy Halloween game were:

The carpet

It was right at the beginning when Cody first stepped in the room. He had to put a piece of wood on it, that it didn't slip him.


It was next to the little table that had a candelabra on it. Cody covers it with a cover and when he sits on it, the armchair automatically moves.

Floating bed

It was high enough, that Cody didn't reached it. It came down when Cody moved the basket with corns, then he had to suck the sheet into the vacuum, because the sheet was a ghost.



  • The carpet was red with yellow square edges.
  • When the wood was put on the carpet, it wigled a bit to try and brake from it.
  • The armchair was in light blue collor and was a bit ripped off on the head leaner, there could be also seen some foam coming out.
  • He got the cover from another armchair, that was next to the floating bed.
  • Cody moved the basket with corns by a ball and a criquet mallet.