About him

Jonathan "John" I.Q. Neidelbaum Frink, Jr., B.Sc., Ph.D. M.R.S.C., C.Chem, better known as Professor Frink and once referred to as Doctor Frink, is Springfield's local scientist and college professor, and is extremely brilliant, though somewhat socially inept. Frink often tries to use his bizarre inventions to aid the town in its crises, but they usually only make things worse.

He wears a white lab coat, a white under shirt, pink trousers with a brown belt and grey and white shoes. He also wears a blue butterfly, glasses and has brown short cutted hair.

In the game

In Bart's second game he was seen in a room, that had some usefull stuff as well as a big machine. As Bart asked him, why the long face, Frink told him that he was missing his cat and didn't came back. After Bart gave professor's Fink cat back, he could have all of the stuff from the professor.



  • Professor Fink is shown the same as in the cartoon serie.
  • The machine in Professor's room was identical as the machine that Sideshow Bob had in the first game of Bart. The machine was then used for Willy to regain his memory.
  • Professor Frink describe the cat: whole in white, has a pink ribbon and red lips.
  • Frinks pupils were visible, as in the cartoon series they normaly aren't visible.