Profesor Jirafales
Proffesor Jirafales

Gender Male
Home Unknown
Relatives Dona Florinda (love person)
Enemies None
Seen in games 1 time

About him

Professor Jirafales, is one of the characters of the famous Mexican TV series El Chavo del Ocho. He's a single man, but is deeply in love with Doña Florinda. He is Professor of Chavo del 8 and his friends. Always wears a gray two-piece suit or coffee, a tie and a hat.

In the game

He came to Chavo's beverage buisness sad and as Chavo asked him about somethings, the professor told him about them. But when Chavo gaved him a bow of flowers, the professor was happy and had a drink. And then, the professor went to Dona Florinda with the flowers and step into her home.

In the second part, he could be seen sitting next to the table with Dona Florinda.



  • The professor was happy when Chavo gaved the flowers to him, and then gave the flowers to his loved person.
  • He was seen in the end where all the characters were on the feast.

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