Obama has to catch RaFace that ecaped from prison.


Hero: Obama

Villains: RatFace

Other: Ronald, Chavo, Kiko, guard, Tom Cruize, man-rat, cop


  • This game has the exact place as in the game: Operation Petrogate and has several differences:
  1. On the wooden desk - in this game - has written: FBI, while on the other game is: PCM;
  2. There was a flush-cat toy on the Petrogate, while in RatFace, there isn't;
  3. In both of the games, the main characters were trapped in a room and had to escape the room, with a rocket;
  4. This game had Ronald, while Petrogate game didn't had him;
  5. In Obama's game, there were a lot of other characters, while on the Petrogate game, the characters were low;
  6. The both games had the same suplies in the shop and the same guard;
  7. In the game Petrogate, there was written in words WC, while in Obama's game, there was a sign: woman/men/alien as for the toilet;
  8. They both games made the guard sick and made the man-rat drunk;
  9. In both games, there was a cop, but in this game the cop was in blue color, while in the Petrogate game the cop was in green;
  10. In both games, they made RatFace come out with his special food: cheese, ham, pineapple;
  11. Ratface was in the both games, the same character.
  • There were a lot of characters - known - that were seen the first time in this game, they are: Chavo, Roland and Tom Criuze.
Obama RatFace Operation ( inkagames ) walkthrough03:40

Obama RatFace Operation ( inkagames ) walkthrough

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