Game description

Redhead woman has to go out from the prison and come home, that she could celebrate Christmas.


Hero: Redhead woman

Villains: Guard who watches the woman, Camera operator, a guard outside, Officer

Others: A prison trader, Redhead's pet


  • This is a modified version of an earlier game called Urraca en Fuga. The only diferences are that this game has less characters on it than the original and this version it's just for fun while the original was based on a political scandal of the Peruvian Entertainer Magaly Medina who was imprisoned after she made a scandal about soccer player Paolo Guerrero.
  • This game introduces the current gameplay music used in most of the games.
Redhead Prison Escape Walkthrough05:06

Redhead Prison Escape Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Escape Gameplays
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