Rigby has to save his friend Mordecai from Pigsaw.


Hero: Rigby

Victims: Mordecai

Villains: An evil doll, zombies, pumpkinhead, an evil wizard

Others: Benson, Pops, Don, Partrizia Diaz- Pintado Sanchez- Migallon, Lucia Hugener Corroquino, Muscle man, Starla, Skips


  • At the beggining, Rigby had a dream, that he was chased by Pigsaw in a ghostly way.
  • This game has differences from MordecaI's game:
    • MordecaI was in the living room - and when Rigby was sucked, when in Rigby's game he was in his bedroom;
    • In MordecaI's game, we could see the kitchen;
    • There were circles with Pigsaw's face on it (Rigby's room) in MordecaI's game, while in Rigby's game there weren't any - and he didn't had to make a code;
    • Outside, where was a fountain, there was high five next to it in M's game, while in R's game - there was a statue of MordecaI;
    • Skips was inside of his garage with the golf cart in M's game, while in R's game Skips was outside with the cart;
    • The wizard had a musical keyboard and had to pee in a wooden bathroom in M's game, while in R's game the wizard had his magic wand and turned into a wooden bathroom;
    • M saw his clone with a guitar, while R hadn't had a clone in his game;
    • In M's game there was a race with unicorns, while there wasn't any race (just a jump with the car) in R's game;
    • M had chores to do in his game, while R hadn't had any chores to do (except pick up the package);
    • M had to made a fight with paper, rock, scisors with a enemy, while R had to get the car from his big brother;
    • In M's game Pops was in a barber shop, while in R's game Pop's was in the living room;
    • M had to preform a karate move and to have muscles, while R didn't had anything like that;
    • M had to pick up the trash and throw it in the garbage dumster, while in R's game the trash was in the dumster;
    • M had lot's of enemies, while R had less of them;
    • M had to save a friend from death taking him, while R didn't had anything like that;
    • In the end, M had to play with Burgerboy in orde to save his friends, while R had to have the wand in order that his friend comes back to life
  • The two girls were Inka game winners of videos.
  • There was a statue of Mordecai - that was original Mordecai trapped.
  • There were all characters of the series.
  • Rigby had to make a jump with the car, to get the package.
  • In a place, Lucia and Partizia had to be controled and change their tops in other colors, in order to get some things.
  • Rigby had to impress Pops with a zombie movie - where some of the real zombies came near them - but had to get from him a portal.
  • The pumkinhead fell in love with a female pumkinhead, after he fell in the hole.
  • In the end Rigby had to get the wand - from the wizard - and free Mordecai with it.
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Rigby Saw Game Walkthrough

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