About it

Robot Cody is the same as Cody, but he is a robot.

In the game

In Cody's game it was seen in a orange room where he was waiting for Cody to show up. But he had gain a chip that turned him to good.

In the second part, Cody puts the robot in a square hole, where there was a single room with some numbers.



  • In Cody's game, Cody threw him a chip that counteracts evilness.
  • The robot was seen identical to Cody but as a machine, it had punk like hair and was lite purple in the face - as in evil, but when he get the chip, his tounge licked it's metal lips and his face turned to normal color.
  • They both had only 1 minute to tap all the numbers in the right state.
  • When they compleated their mission, the numbers had disappear and the doors for the real Cody opened up, while robot Cody wasn't seen.