About them

Robot Santa's Elves are a group of Neptunians who work for Robot Santa in his workshop. The elves make toys for Santa but they never get delivered due to the fact that Santa is evil and classifies everyone as naughty. They are small as Neptunians shrink when treated badly. They have purple skin, 4 arms, dark green- white hat, light green jacket and trousers, white leggings and green shoes.

In the game

In Fry's game, there were several elfs.

The first elf, didn't liked the clothes he was wearing because no one likes him. But when he get the cap and the T-shirt from Fry, he was happy and said, that now he will envy with his friends. He gave him a key and a paper sheet, which contains the key to the door of robot santa.

The second elf, with the one weel with a bag, was very hungry, because they all have little much of food, small payment and other stuff. When Fry gave him a sandwich, he thank him. After that, Fry asked him for a favor. When the elf came inside, he had to greet Robot Santa Claus, and then tell him why he is here - that he brought the weekly offerings, and then leave without the troley and also greet Santa after going out.

The third elf that was sleeping, gave his bottle an exepted the pillow.

Two elfs, didn't like Fry's company and asked for food. When Fry gaved them the rabbit, Fry got a Pigsaw's mask.



  • In Fry's game, they were seen the same as in the series.
  • The T-shirt was light green with a smiley, as the cap was blue.
  • After the sleeping elf had the pillow, he happily snugled.
  • The elf that recived the sandwich, he agreed to do Fry a favor. He brings him to Robot Santa's hide out and inside his fascility.
  • Fry told the two elves that they can make a baked rabbit, but the rabbit was a stuffed animal. Fry also quietly said, that he hopes the two won't indigest. But as they asked what he meant by that, he says, that sometimes he says things without thinking.
  • The two elfs found an ugly mask, but they thought, that Fry can make a use for it.

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