About them

A person or persons who rollerblades. 

In the game

In Crazy Zoo there was a male and a female rollerbladers. They were seen standing near the stand where there was inside the salesman. Cody wanted their rollerblades, but in order to get them, they said that they want a drink, because they are thirsty.



  • In Crazy Zoo we don't know if they are couples or something else.
  • The man was wearing: a dark purple helmet, brown hair and eyebrows, yellow eyes, red- yellow sleeveless shirt, orange elbow protectors, dark blue gloves, light green shorts, red knee protectors, dark blue and grey rollerblades.
  • The woman was wearing: light purple helmet, blond hair, blue eyes, purple lips, purple sleeveless shirt, pink shots, blue elbow protectors, red gloves, blue knee protectors, purple rollerblades.
  • When Cody get them both beverages, they gaved him rollerblades and their sock were blue and purple.
  • The rollerbladers looked nice and happy.