This game is the 100th game made of Inkagames.

Game description 

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Wilson and Rasberry, the cats from the youtuber Rubius, to force him to play his twisted game. Help him rescue them safe and sound!


Hero: Rubius

Victims: Wilson and Rasberry

Villains: Evil creppy clown, Wilson the ball, Paparazzi, Dragon, Diabolic Furby, Yandre, Spider, The Neighbor, Jason, Freddy, Team Rocket, Zombies, Double Mutants, Double Guards, Demonika, Trollface, Pigsaw

Others: Misha, Meme, Rodrigo Mino, Hatsune, Mangel, Ust (brother), Sakura, G4TO, Zombirella, Slenderman, Brasas


  • Yandere was seen again in the game, she also had Mangel hostage.
  • Slenderman helped Rubius, as he was saved from him.
    • He also claimed that he in reality is good and that being a bad being was just a myth because of his appearance and the place where he lives. However in the following game Youtubers Saw Game 2 he appears as an enemy.
  • There were a lot of characters which Rubius likes to play on his video games.
  • Rubius' sprite is different from the one that he had in Youtubers Saw Game.
Rubius Saw Game FULL walkthrough. The Cats Rescue35:53

Rubius Saw Game FULL walkthrough. The Cats Rescue.

Link of the gamer: AllGamesWorldHd
Previous game:
Youtubers Saw Game
Next game:
Youtubers Saw Game 2

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