The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Wilson and Rasberry, the cats from the youtuber Rubius, to force him to play his twisted game. Help him rescue them safe and sound!


Hero: Rubius

Victims: Wilson and Rasberry

Villains: Evil creppy clown, Wilson (the ball), Paparazzi, dragon, diabolic Furby, Yandre, spider, neigbour, Jason, Freddy, Team Rocket, 2 mutants, 2 guards, an evil girl, Trollface, Pigsaw

Others: Misha, Meme, Rodrigo Mino, Hatsune, Mangel, Ust (brother), Sakura, G4TO, Zombirella, Slenderman, Brasas


  • Yandre was seen again in the game, she also had Mangel for her first victim.
  • Slenderman helped Rubius, as he was saved from him.
  • There were a lot of characters which Rubius likes to play on his video games.
Rubius Saw Game FULL walkthrough. The Cats Rescue35:53

Rubius Saw Game FULL walkthrough. The Cats Rescue.

Previous game:
Youtubers Saw Game
Next game:
Obama in the Dark 4

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