About him

Is a man who sells goods, services, etc.

In the games

In Cody's Halloween Rescue he was seen in a booth where he was selling tickets. When Cody asked him about the ticket, he said that he would get it just for a dollar.

In Cody's Zoo, he was in a small market that sale drinks. Cody gave him 10 dollars for two drinks.

In the second part, he gaved Cody a hot sauce.



  • He had a yellow monsterous face and with a blue suit with a cap, that he would look like a salesman.
  • When he gave the ticket to Cody, he closed down his booth.
  • He said, that inside the House everything is alive and Cody made a joke from it.

  • In Crazy Zoo, the salesman had Orange face, two goffy looking eyes, red short cut hair and blue shirt.
  • His market was pink, with red and yellow shade.
  • He gave the hot sauce to the detective, because he brought back a item that was missing on the fountain.

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