About her

Samara Morgan is the central character of The Ring,RingsThe Ring Two, and is portrayed as the antagonist of the series. Sharing a similar story and characterization to Sadako Yamamura, Samara was pushed down a well by her adoptive mother Anna Morgan and died seven days later, creating a cursed videotape to show the world the misery she suffered from in her life.

In the game

In Bart's second game, she was seen in a large TV, when Bart pushed a purple button and she appeared and went out of the TV. She then fell in a hole and wanted to come back up, but she was trapped in the hole having the metal cover on it.



  • In the game she had red hair when in the movies she had black hair.
  • Pigsaw and Samara have the same entrance; they both appear when the TV is on.
  • When Bart came over the red line, she was coming out of the TV.
  • After she was gone from the TV, Bart could play the game board.

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