About him

Santa's Little Helper also known as No. 8 or Suds McDuff of America, is the Simpson family's dog. Santa's Little Helper has been with the Simpson Family family the whole series instead of dying like other animals have.

He is a Greyhound with light brown fur.

In the game

In Bart's game, he was seen in the hallway, that had 5 doors, sleeping. We saw him second time, when he helped Bart stop Hugo, by moving the bowling ball on a shelf, that it went on Hugo's head. He then came to Bart and freed him as he went on the right edge and went to sleep.

In Homer's game, he was seen behind the staircase.

Later he was seen in Krustylands Studio, where he bit Krusty.



  • He was seen the same.
  • He was the only one, that helped Bart in the game.
  • In Bart's game, he was shortly temporarily played.

  • In Homer's game, he was given grandpa's teeth to be seen more dangerous and to bite hard.