About him

Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as The Scarecrow, is a supervillain and an enemy of Batman.

The Scarecrow is an overly-obessive and deranged ex-professor of psychology who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to use the fears and phobias of his adversaries. He does not commit his crimes for wealth, but rather as a form of "research" to further study the effects of fear on humans (later, he does it to satisfy his own psychopathic desires), making the innocent citizens of Gotham his unwilling guinea pigs.

In the game

In Batman's game he was seen in a room, that was seen as a barn yard. He was defeated when Batman threw a pair of Bolas at his arms, that tied on to the wood.



  • He was seen as a small figure.
  • Batman could pick the rocks in Two-Face's room and tied them up with the rope.
  • Scarecrow was seen differenter then in any of the animated series.