About him

Mr. Barriga, whose full name is Zeno Barriga and heavy, is one of the characters of the famous Mexican TV series El Chavo del Ocho. He is a married man with a business woman who has a son named Ñoño. He always wears a two-piece suit with a tie. He always wears glasses and a briefcase that used to keep receipts for rent payments and documents of their work. Sometimes he use a hat.

In the game

He was first seen coming to the alley, where were Quico and Chavo talking to each other. The next thing that happened, he got a shot on his head by a bouncing ball, that was kicked by Chavo. After then, Chilindrina came out as he asked her, if his father is home and after getting his answer he went back where he came from.

In the second part, he came to Chavo's beverage buisness and ordered lemon for his drink.

In the last part, Barriga was seen again on Chavo's beverage buisness, where he invited him to the Christmas feast.



  • When Chavo kicked the ball at Senor Barriga, he was rubbing his arm and appologizing.
  • He asked Chavo where was Don Ramon, but Chavo only said, that the mister has to ask Gloria.
  • It was Senor Barriga who invited every character to the feast in the end.