Game description

Selena is in Oz and has to go from there.


Hero: Selena Gomez

Villains: Witch

Others: Selena's dog, Munckins, tree, the tin man, scarecrow, the wizard of Oz, the good witch, lion


  • The game had a quick 'game', where the player had to scare the lion with the mouse.
  • There were all of the carecters of Oz.
  • Near the end, Toto (Selena's dog) went out from the basket - because of a cat, as well as Selena - when the baloon took up without them.
  • The good witch came to Selena and offer her help.
Selena Gómez and The Wizard of Oz Walkthrough11:18

Selena Gómez and The Wizard of Oz Walkthrough

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