About it

The skeleton is the body part that forms the supporting structure of an organism.

In games

In Crazy Haunted House, there were two skeletons:

Skeleton in the coffin

The skeleton was resting in a locked coffin, when Chavo poured a powerful somniferous in his mouth, that made him asleep.

Skeleton in the house

It was in a room, and was faced to the corner of the wall, when it was attacked by a dog mask.



  • In Crazy Haunted House, the skeleton in coffin had a hole in the top of the coffin. So when Chavo poured the somniferous, it went directly in it's mouth.
  • The coffin had a golden lock.
  • Chavo had to break the lock with a shovel.
  • When Chavo opened the coffin, he could saw a sleeping skeleton that had wripped clothes on it.
  • As the player clicked on the skeleton, it was seen that it's mouth was moving, because it was snoring.
  • In it's left pocket, there was a little termite.
  • The skeleton in the house, had it's back sleekled, when it was facing the wall.
  • When it turned around, it's hands were raised and opened it's mouth. But when it saw the dog mask, his expession as body language were feeling scared; his right hand was still above his head as his left was near it's ribs, the right foot was raised and moves near to it's left foot.
  • In the fight between the skeleton and dog mask, there was only seen it's head, one hand and one foot.
  • In the room, the skeleton had a large grey bomb.