About it

The Space Chicken greatly resembles an Earth chicken. He is a large, fat, white-feathered bird with skinny black legs and an orange beak bigger than his head. He has a blue wattle that ranges from a light blue to a darker looking blue. He also has a pair of glowing red eyes with no pupils.

In the game

In Courage's game, he was seen in a chicken den where he then saw a lovely chicken and fell in love with her. After coming out from the den, he saw Courage and wanted to zapp him with his laser gun, but unfortinatelly he was tricked and zapp himself.



  • In Courage's game, he was seen the same as in the series, except that his wattle, in the game, was grey.
  • When he saw the chicken, his red eyes turn into red hearts.
  • He didn't noticed that the chicken was rubber.
  • After coming out, Courage had 5 seconds to hop onto the truck's stair.
  • When the chicken noticed Courage he zapped at him with his laser gun, but Courage quickly jumped down from the stair as the laser went directly at the truck's mirror and went back at the chicken, zapping him.
  • The color of the laser, from his gun, was light green.
  • Courage could then go inside the den and pick up a golden piece that was lying on the hay.