About him

Stewart "Stewie" Gilligan Griffin is the flamboyant and eccentric one year old infant of Peter and Lois Griffin. Stewie, equipped with his teddy bear, Rupert and his laser gun, has, on several occasions, almost single handedly taken over the world and he seems to be obsessed with world domination and matricide.

He wears a yellow shirt and red suspenders, with light blue shoes.

In the game

In Charlie's game, he was seen in a room, where he had a machine that could throw baseball's out, when he was defeated by one of his balls.



  • In the room he had for his first plan, a net, and for his second plan, a baseball machine. He also had an antenna, that held the Teletubie in his evil side.
  • The machine had a sign on its side: Super Shot.
  • Charlie had to catch the balls before they could vaparize him.
  • As Stewie was near the end very tired and had to breath deeply, before he could get into shooting again.