Game description

Help Taylor Swift rescue her kittens!


Hero: Taylor Swift

Victims: Meredith and Olivia (kittens)

Villains: Capitan Hook, Big Bad Wolf, Maleficient, Scar, Evil Witc (old version), Hades

Others: Rossana Garcia Lucena, lizard (that later transformed into a crocodile), bird, Pain and Panic


  • Rossana Garcia Lucena is the new inkagame winner for drawaing.
  • In the game, there were Disney villains.
Taylor Swift Saw Game Walkthrough (Inkagames)08:51

Taylor Swift Saw Game Walkthrough (Inkagames).

Link of the game: AllGamesWorldHd

Previous game:
Town Saw Game
Next game:
Grinch Saw Game

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