Mayre Martinez is in great danger, she has to escape the aliens.


Hero: Mayre Martinez, a good alien

Villains: Aliens, evil Neon

Others: Mayre's assistant, salles man, guard, Elvis impesionator, a Mayre (stuff) female seller, John Paul, guard (agent)


  • In the beggining there were shown aliens - normal people that just have a mask on.
  • The posters and a statue are shot from the real world - as we know it.
  • After Mayre was being kiddnaped, she was transfered into a glass calup and had to sing (that the glass would break) and the second one (to sleep the monster) and the third time (in the end, for a party on a other planet).
  • She has a light saber as in one of the Obama's games (but here it is purple).
Mayré and the Neon Menace Walkthrough10:32

Mayré and the Neon Menace Walkthrough

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