About them

The Ghost Children are the first victims of the Other Mother who used to be in the same position as Coraline, but later gave in to the Beldam's counterfeit happiness. After the Other Mother had finished with them, they were imprisoned behind the mirror and was cursed for light to shrivel and burn them, making them unable to get out.

In the game

In Coraline's adventurous game, they were seen in a dark room that had only one bed and were seen coming from it.

The second appearence was in the end, where they came in Coraline's dream to thank her.



  • The three ghosts are the same as in the movie.
  • The room was dark, had wripped papers on the floor and had an old bed in the corner.
  • When Coraline put her doll on the bed, the three ghosts came out of it.
  • They said, that the doll frightens them, as it is a spy of the Witch.
  • They are the prisoners of Other Mother, because they also wanted to stay in the Other World, because it was beautiful for them.
  • They wanted Coraline to get their eyes back, so that their souls would be free.
  • When they've ended the talk with Coraline, they flew down through the ground floor.
  • The three ghosts helped Coraline, when she wanted to close the little secret doors, before Other Mother would get her.
  • In Coraline's dream, the three ghosts were seen gold, and more humanly then when they were trapped.
  • They also gaved Coraline an advice to hide the key from Other Mother and vanished.