Tommy the cat has to save her girlfriend from the Joker rat.


Hero: Tommy the cat

Victims: Tommy's girlfriend - Tina

Villains: Joker-rat, dog, clown, evil rat with a whip, Flash-rat, Jason rat, Chuck rat

Others: Tommy's owner, Bony, Waldo the mouse, a mail man, kitty, 3 cats


  • The house - place - was the same as in the second game of Tommy.
  • There were rats that reminded us on some heroes and also villains: Indiana Jones, the Flash, Jason, Chuck Norris, the Joker.
  • In the game, Tina calls Tommy as Garfield,because the original version is a garfield game.

Tommy Cat Crazy Rescue - Inkagames09:51

Tommy Cat Crazy Rescue -

Previous game:
Crazy Haunted House
Next game:
Homer simpson saw

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