Game description

Tommy has to escape the sewer and get home.


Hero: Tommy

Villains: Mask dog, octopuses, mummy, a alien, Bruce Banner, ogre, minotaur

Others: Elephant, a clown, Oddie


  • Right in the start, Tommy had in his colection of items a Pigsaw discuise and a fan.
  • The password that was written on the wall wasn't right - so he had to ask the clown.
  • In a place, Tommy could be changed to Oddie (control).
  • Before going to the mummy, Tommy had to descuise himself as Pigsaw.
  • The alien was the same as in one of Obama's games.
  • In a room, there was Bruce sleeping, next to a machine, that could transform him into Hulk. 
  • Tommy had to make a plan how to eliminate the minotaur just in 10 seconds.
  • Oddie helped Tommy with the level, that opened the exit for him.
  • In the end, he was in the means dog yard as Tommy said, that he would be rather in the sewers again.
Tommy Sewer Escape Walkthrough05:52

Tommy Sewer Escape Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Tricera Gamez 
Previous game:
Obama Hellboy
Next game:
Obama Van Helsing

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