Help Town escape from the puppet's evil game.


Hero: Town/ ITownGamePlay

Victim: Duck- Chicken

Villains: Freddy, Michael (aka Purple Guy), giant spider, Town animatronic, Puppet (from the box), Chica, Bonnie, venom, evil clown, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Pigsaw

Others: Marco Antonio Cervera, Scott Cawthon, Alkapone


  • Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and the Puppet are from Five nights at Freedies.
  • Marco Antonio Cervera is the new Inka Game winner of comics.
  • There were 4 ghosts in some animatronic's.
  • In the end, when Town saved his beloved pet, he said Duck-Hen, as a short name for chicken.
Town Saw Game walkthrough Complete - Full14:16

Town Saw Game walkthrough Complete - Full

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Cody Saw Game
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