Trump, mainpic

Trump Saw Game is an upcoming game.

Donald Trump, picture

Sprite of Donald Trump for Trump Saw Game


The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped President Trump to force him to play his evil game game and by doing so, to teach him some manners.


Anti-Hero: Donald Trump

Villains: Pigsaw, Pigface.

Heroes: TBA.

Others: Barack Obama (mentioned), Presidential Guards.

Trump Saw Trailer


  • This game was announced in Inkagames' Facebook on July 6th 2017.
  • This is the first saw game since Grinch Saw Game where the hero is not a Youtuber.
  • The trailer was uploaded on Saturday July 29th 2017.
  • Pigface is playable for the first time in this game.
  • According to Pigsaw at the end of Youtubers Saw Game 2, Trump will not face villains, instead he will face heroes.
    • This makes this game the first where the player plays as a bad character unless the Heroes are somewhat brainwashed to attack Trump.
Previous game:
Youtubers Saw Game 2
Next game:
Obama in the Dark 4

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