Game description

Help Magaly to escape from the Santa Monica Prison.


Playable: Magaly Medina

Enemies: Guard watching Magaly, Camera operator, Señora Ley, Officer with bad face.

Others: Malú, Locarmen, Sor Lady, Angie, Paolín Lín Lín, Canasaki, Urraco Fotografo, Urraquita.


  • This game was based on a political scandal of the Peruvian Entertainer Magaly Medina who was imprisoned after she made a scandal about soccer player Paolo Guerrero (here parodied as Paolín Lín Lín).
  • This is the first prison escape, that Inkagames did, and from this one, several other prison escapes and breaks came.
  • The game was re-relased as Redhead Prison Escape, the only differences are that it features less characters and the dialogues were rewritten and the protagonist does not have a name.
Urraca en Fuga SOLUCIÒN (Inkagames)06:35

Urraca en Fuga SOLUCIÒN (Inkagames)

Link of the gamer: PAAG
Previous game:
Operation Petrogate
Next game:
Ultimatum Fifa

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