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    Game Theory

    February 2, 2018 by Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here. 

    Okay, I was thinking on debating some things with all of you. It is all about Inka Games. The ones that are coming and the ones that happened. So let us start!

    Okay, so we know that every Simpson character (except Grandpa) was in the game and played Pigsaw's twisted game. But if you are a true Inka Game fan, you would know that The Simpsons Saw Game would be made. 

    But would you think, if I would say, that we already knew this was going to happen? 

    Some might, but lots did not! 

    Pigsaw clearly showed us, what he is going to do!

    In Homer Simpson Saw Game, we could see that. Don't believe me? Look at the very ending of the game, where all Simpsons family was siting on the couch and wanting to watch TV, but something else made t…

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  • Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here.

    So today I want to discuss some things that will be or not (with your option) about the things that might come on the Wiki.

    1. First we will talk about: Discussions. So you mostly all know how Discussion works. I have also been in that type of Discussion where I could see what it is all about and how it works. Basically, it is like Forum, you write down stuff and then you get the message in the Bell. As I compare the Forum and Discussions (but as I looked, there was no Forum button to acctivate it) so, only Blog would do for these kind of messages.

    Valentin girl (talk) 12:57, December 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Valentin girl

    Hey guys, Val here.

    So we were given the newest game, that has been going on for a year with it's trailer, and then brought with the real playable game. 

    And not just that, but also a slight different trailer. Did you noticed the differences? Well to ashure you, there has been differences, let us go by them:

    • There is no flag in the room - which means that Obama is permanetly out from the presidency, as Trump is now the leader;
    • The scientist that calls him, does not say Mister President, but Mister Obama;
    • After a while is now re-written to 30 minutes later;
    • The plane with the eagle sticker is still the same, meaning that Obama is still using some of the presidency stuff

    So we could have said, that the Inka Team were waiting for who will be the nex…

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  • Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here. 

    So, today I have noticed, there was added the trailer of Gravity Falls. Which Mabel and Dipper, brother and sister, needed to rescue two people which they love the most. Dipper to save Wendy and Mabel to save Mermando. From here we can see, that the two will be playable seperate (like in some of the games), and that Waddles (the pig), will be in Mabel's  tool box (for sure, or he will hop from Mabel to Dipper which it also may be). 

    To describe what is happening around:

    Dipper and Mabel are in their house, that is decorated in lots of Christmas lights and have a Christmas tree prepared, with some gifts under it. There are pictures hanging on the wall, from their parents, them both as children and Mabel as a first time scho…

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  • Valentin girl

    Obama and Trump

    September 25, 2017 by Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here!

    Today we are going to discuss about two things or should I say two people: Obama (previous president) and Trump (current president).

    Now, as we all know, they both have their own games, Obama has more then 22 (or so) and we will first ecounter Trump Saw Game. Obama was the fans lovable character of Inkagames, as he has won their hearts by Obama in the Dark, franchise. He has played Pigsaw's games more then enough to know, he was Pigsaw's favorite guy (okay, that sounds a bit gayish).. his favorite victim. If he didn't kidnapped him, he kidnapped his family in order to play with him. And those games were good, as well as others. We know that in real life, Obama was nothing compared to the games and is now the previous presid…

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