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  • Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here.

    So, as I was going through the posts from Inkagames, I have spotted a new theory of a new game trailer going to be happen.

    That is right, Trump will see the game! And our marvelous villain puppet decided to pick him up, just because he saw his name many times in the comments.

    Well, I am going to enjoy this one. Hopefully we will see Obama in Trump's game, and Pigsaw making something hard for Trump, so he won't leave the game. :P Just joking... only a bit.

    If you have anything to say, please comment down bellow!

    Valentin girl (talk) 17:41, July 10, 2017 (UTC)

    Hy guys, Val here. I appologize for this late blog, but I am very busy in my social life now, and I have little time to update a blog post, or even to make a new page. So…

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  • Valentin girl

    Hey guys, Val here.

    First off, I want to appologize for my late reply on the blog for the new game. I was busy. 

    So, the game came at the same date, that means 9th June, but it did load on 10pm and not on 8pm. Well, they were on date :D

    And secondly, I have played the game. It was very amusing for me, especially seeing new characters, and some already known characters (yes, I am referring to Yandre and Slenderman). 

    But in the game, I have seen some very clueless meanings, and maybe you also have. Let's go through them!

    1. You find a chest and grab three different masks, you go to Meme and he wanted to make a challange, who will be the first one to laugh. And you could just use the mirror without the masks! Like.... what?? I have tried to make him…
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  • Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here. 

    I am speachless..... 

    That was FUN! And amazing! And cool at the same time! 

    The Inkagames Team have done a terrifick work on this trailer. And when they say they will make a surpise, THEY SURRELY MADE A SURPISE! If you didn't saw the trailer, you freaking must do it. Like, right now!

    If you did, then let me spoil the fun with a bit of plot.

    The Youtubers went inside a game tech, where they were invited by someone that called himself Happy Pig Entertainment. Inside we could see seats, then some people in the background and PIGFACE at the stand, working as a worker for the Happy Pig Entertainment. They then were sitted on their chairs and put on their glasses, and in 3 seconds they were sprayed. I thought that we could see th…

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  • Valentin girl

    Hy guys, Val here.

    Today I am going to talk to you about Obama in the Dark 4. Yes, we all were surprised and excited when the Inka Team revealed there is going to be a 4th game of Obama .

    We have also given a great trailer of what and where Obama is going to start in. Very nice.

    Now, yesterday, the Inka Team have wrote informations about the games that are coming. Let us read for Obama.

    The end of June (no date yet). The mystery is assured in this adventure that has taken more than one account but we're sure you'll like it a lot.

    Okay, in this message, we can notice that the game is going to be long and hard, no doubts. And I think it is going to be an upgrade to all of the previous 3 games of the Dark.

    But just one thing is still bothering me, a…

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  • Valentin girl

    Omg,omg, omg!!!

    This is some huge news everyone! There will be a continuation of youtubers games! Now, as some of you saw the message on the facebook, for those who do not know, I will read you down here:

    "The evil Pigsaw enjoys watching fans of Inka Games suffer and trying to solve the riddles of the games, as a result the deranged doll is very upset with some youtubers because they have been posting some videos with the solutions of many of his games and so helping players to 'suffer less' , solving riddles and evidence.

    That is why the evil doll has done a research on Yotube and has selected those who have been uploading more videos this year to get back to them. Poor, in the image you can see their look on their faces to learn".

    Okay, and …

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