Hey guys.

I wanted to ask you something. I was editing Futurama Saw Game, as in the end Pigsaw showed and told us fans about how the You Tubers game will work. And if you look in Pigsaw's page (go and look at it), you will see the name: Rubius. Yes, that name. Now, we do remember who the You Tuber's were: Town, Fernanfloo, German and now Vegetta. And now for this Christmas it is going to be You Tubers Saw Game. Yeah, we are all happy, but let's get straight.... Where is Rubius Saw Game? Pigsaw said that he will make all the commented you tubers play his game, and when they will all finish their game, You Tuber's Saw Game will come. 

You get me right? I hope you do. Please comment bellow!

Okay, now as the Youtubers are out, you could see that Pigsaw let every single youtuber gi, except RUbius, because he needs to play Pigsaw's game still. They did remember! Ps: The yt game is awsome!

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