I don't know, but it just felt to me that way. 

I was editing some games, like the latest: Zombie Prison Escape, where Criss Angel is the hero in it. Now we all know that Criss Angel was in a Saw Game -> Criss Angel Saw, and in this game, he was freeing himself from the zombies that were in the building. It was more like Resident Evil, but let us get to the question.

Are all games from Pigsaw? We just see him in Saw games, but I think he has his claws also in different games; those adventure games, in Cody games, Obama games, etc. I think he is making them play even tho he is not arround. 

Did you notice when in some Obama games, Obama sat in his chair and wanted just peace, and then the telephone wrings or something else happens? I think Pigsaw is behind it. I also belive that in the upcoming Scooby Doo haunted house Pigsaw has something in it. When Shagy saw on his phone a pokemon (sorry, I don't remember it's name), and it pointed directly at the haunted house. Isn't that a bit strange to you?

I just realized by now. 

Please comment bellow if you agree or if you want to add anything at all.


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