Hy guys, Val here.

Today I am going to talk to you about Obama in the Dark 4. Yes, we all were surprised and excited when the Inka Team revealed there is going to be a 4th game of Obama .

We have also given a great trailer of what and where Obama is going to start in. Very nice.

Now, yesterday, the Inka Team have wrote informations about the games that are coming. Let us read for Obama.

The end of June (no date yet). The mystery is assured in this adventure that has taken more than one account but we're sure you'll like it a lot.

Okay, in this message, we can notice that the game is going to be long and hard, no doubts. And I think it is going to be an upgrade to all of the previous 3 games of the Dark.

But just one thing is still bothering me, and I think you have the same question.                                                                The first new trailer was Obama in the Dark 4, the second was Rubius Saw Game, and now there is going to be a Youtubers Saw Game 2. But why, why would Inka Team do Rubius Saw Game first and then Obama. I mean, no offence, but we were waiting for the game since March 27th 2016, when the trailer of Obama was released. I mean come on!!!!! It has been over a year, and they still didn't made Obama! And fans on facebook were also wondering when will the game come.

I know that in those days, Vegetta and Youtubers were being upload and were played by us fans and others, but.... we really want Obama. I also know that the game settings are very difficult to make and it last long (you still remember Coraline and the Secret Door, right?), and other games were very quickly out as you can remember.

Well, I am just thinking if they are doing something new things to the game, like we had that setting button, where you can save your game, pause or even mute. Will they make a new setting to the now new games and even trailers? Maybe, who knows! I just don't want to hear, that one of the games or trailers are going to be late and will have a new date. Ugh, we all hate that.

Welp, if you have anything to say, comment bellow!

Valentin girl (talk) 06:55, May 26, 2017 (UTC)

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