Hy guys.

As I have succesfully adopt this Wiki, I made some new things that would be awsome to be in this Wiki.

  1. On the Wiki Navigation, you all see in the part where there are Characters, BUILDINGS and ITEMS. These two still have to be made. For buildings, are those houses that we see in the game, example: Pigsaw building, Cody's agency, the White House..., and describe what do we see in it, and add pictures of it. For items, it would be, what items there are in the game and for what use are they for characters.
  2. On the Comunity section, there is also MAPS, this also is not made yet. I was thinking of it, because one of the users (James)  said it would be good to have them. I've saw some maps on different Wikis and I'm half-half (I like it and hate it). Tell me what do you think in the comments.
  3. The slide, that is in Home page, will have new pictures of games that are NEW on Inkagames games. Also some pictures of the trailers will be shown in the slide.
  4. Also there would be an interview with the the team that creates these games and would be added to the Wiki, so fans would know who they are, why did they made Inkagames and lots of other questions. This is still in HOLD for now.

We could make everything better and expand it with every help we can get. So if you are a big fan of Inkagames, and you want to help, welcome aboard! 

And if you want something new to be on Inkagame Wiki, please comment bellow. I will read your post. :)

P.S. I also made boxes for fans, and you can see them here -> You can also make stuff on the Sandbox, if you want to. It is a new example side (and it is just for examples).

Note: Pigsaw's rules as our own rules?

Valentin girl (talk) 12:03, October 13, 2016 (UTC)

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